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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 10, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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57 at noon, under sunny skies. 58. highs today, upper 50s to low 60s. we've got clear skies. light north winds and still rain across parts of new england with that atlantic storm. day number three of four for that. look at all the 30s to our west. some of those 30s, manassas this morning, reston's about 39. here's nancy with time saver traffic. >> first, straight to it. we want to get to your accident reported in the silver spring area. university boulevard, merrimack drive, use caution. as we take a wider view of the area, notice everybody else still checking out nice, clean and green, here's your outer loop. we'll move it outside. show you we're still finding the planes moving from new hampshire to georgia. this time the focus takes us to the prince georges county area. route 4, branch avenue. crane highway. no significant days to report at
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this time. just more drivers hitting the road. 15 minutes and growing on 66 from fairfax parkway to the beltway. toll roads, you're doing just fine. d.c., 295, no report towards the 11th street bridge. in your next traffic report, 6:12, live look at conditions. in the top of the hour, 6:01. we get to some of the stories happening today. the murder trial of guandique, he's charged in the murder of chandra levy. the long-awaited ground breaking ceremony, at the site of the d.c. convention center, will be turned into a four-star hotel. it's a $520 million project. miracle on the hudson pilot
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captain sully sullenberger returns to washington. we're getting a closer look at a plan to renovate the national mall. >> kristin fisher joins us from the mall to show us what's included in the extensive plan and a pretty big price tag. >> this is a major, multimillion dollar project that will likely be taking place over the next several years. now the bad news is of course, that in the short-term, this means it would likely foreclose traffic in the area around the national mall. but the good news is that this plan would likely create some jobs in the area, which is good news in this tough economy. it'd also make the mall a better and more beautiful place to be. it will actually decrease traffic in the area. one can certainly hope so. interior secretary ken salazar signed off on this plan yesterday afternoon, right outside the jefferson memorial. it's been a plan that's been years in the making. it's described as a blueprint
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for improving our nation's front yard. the focus is on improving the national mall for pedestrians. it's about protecting our nation's history and monuments. take a listen. >> cannot stand by and let the national mall continue to be a national disgrace. with the national mall plan as our guide, the trust is committed to raising the private sector's half of the required funds to restore and improve this space to make it something that we all can be proud of. >> reporter: those improvements would include adding more paved areas for pedestrians, rebuilding sea walls and widening walkways, which would be a huge improvement during very busy times like the annual cherry blossom festival. here's my favorite one. building more restrooms. who wouldn't love to see that? finally renovating spaces like union square and the reflection pool outside the u.s. capital and one more thing this national
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mall plan would do is it would actually try to improve all of the greenery that you see along the national mall. you see how so much of this uh, grass is you know, brown and dying, of course, we're getting into the winter time, but it's not always the greenest grass. so what this plan would do is it would try to improve that and make it a prettier place to be, especially in the summertime. >> kristin, it sounds great, of course, one of our nation's treasures, it's probably going to cost a lot to do all those things, where are they going to get the money? >> reporter: the price tag is indeed hefty. it's about $600 million right now as it stands. the funny thing is, they haven't even started fund-raising. what happened yesterday when salazar signed these documents, it actually started the mechanisms going to get the national park service fund-raising. they need to raise $600 million and they're planning on doing it by trying to get donations from
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various companies, non-profit organizations, foundations and also checks from people like yourself. people who enjoy going to the national mall. they'll be asking people just like you. you're a movie star now so.... while you slept, first lady michelle obama began her solo trip to germany. >> she'll be visiting injured troops at hospitals there >> reporter: the president landed in seoul just over an hour ago. he'll attend the g-20 economic summit later today. >> we can choose to be defined by our differences and give in to a future of suspicion and mistrust, or we can choose to do the hard work of forging common
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ground. and commit ourselves to the steady pursuit of progress. >> this handshake between first lady michelle obama and a conservative muslim minister. many don't shake the hands of the opposite sex but the first lady reached for him first. >> this is apparent hockey a warning from police. they will crack down on drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians. they started doing it this week, they'll be out once again this morning, writing up drivers, cyclists and pedestrians who violate the basic laws of traffic safety. miss were stationed in roslyn saturday. it's official now: just in time for the holidays, montgomery county is allowing the sale of liquor and wine on sundays at 24 county-owned
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shops. stores will be open from noon until 6:00. during the six-month trial period, officials will keep an eye on cost, revenue and how the move impacts privately-owned liquor stores. city leaders want richmond to hike the state's cigarette tax. virginia has the second lowest cigarette tax in the nation. it's behind only missouri. >> based on research from other states, one of the most effective strategies for really reducing cigarette smoking and therefore secondhand smoke in the community is really by increasing the overall price of cigarettes. >> alexandria leaders believe a $1 per pack tax hike would bring in another $319 million for the
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common wealth. it's 6:07. we have more on your money report. >> we have another group of the best products, according to kiplingers. today we're looking at the hottest technology. we talk about the ways you read, call, view and store your stuff. first we'll start with e-readers. the kindle, amazon's e-reader can hold up to 3500 books. the new models feature a higher contrast screen, a battery charge that can last up to a month without wireless. you can get the wi-fi version for $139 and the 3g edition for $189. >> what about smartphones? >> in terms of smartphones, you'd think i'd be reaching for my iphone, right? no the droid x from motorola gets the top score here.
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it features an 8 mega pixel camera for still shots. kiplingers also loves the portable hard drive. 500 gigs of storage for $120. with a data back-up, it doesn't have to be boring. it can be pretty. you can get the ruby red one, or midnight blue or try a cool design with that. the ipod touch became one of the top ones, you remember the old ipods? the new ipod? they love the ipod touch. this offers a lot more than just listening to music. you can connect the wi-fi, you can play games, even take pictures and hd videos. the newest model has two cameras. one in the front and in the
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back. 8 gig model. the 64 gig is $400. we love his christina aguilera collection. well done. >> very good. >> people like me on the treadmill with christina. >> that's what we need on the treadmill. >> thank you. well, from pretty gadgets to ugly people. washington makes the ugly list. we're the 6th ugliest city. >> we rank number 2 as the most cultured city though. so who's uglier than d.c.? >> apparently memphis is the ugh least city in america followed by baltimore and philadelphia.
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>> charleston, south carolina is ranked as the hottest city in the country. is that temperature or looks? howard bernstein has your weather and day planner. here's what else coming your way in this hour. a four-legged feast. we'll tell you about one really bad dog. fast food classing it up. who is putting sea salt on your french fries? oh wow, look at that. calm down donkey. it's vacation time! ohhhhh, who says ogres can't surf? nice moves fiona. ha, ha, ha, i love 3d. wooo hooooo! [ shrek ] gingy? [ laughs ] do the roar. roar! marty, what's shrek doing on a cruise ship? looks like he's having fun!
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all right, howard, just got another great day for us. >> we're looking at sunshine, it'll come out in a little while. 6:45. we're looking clear to partly cloudy. 30s and 40s this morning. temperatures going to 6:45. all right. time for your time saver traffic, we are looking all clear at fox hall and canal. up next in your next traffic report at 6:18. we're going to take a live drive of 66 and other virginia roadways. the real vote count begins today in the senate race in alaska. >> sure does, election officials have to go through thousands of righted ballots. incumbent republican lisa
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murkowski tries to beat joe miller. he was backed by the tea party. writins won the election. more problems for boeing's new jet. a test flight of a 787 was cut short yesterday because of smoke in the cockpit. boeing isn't sure what went wrong with it. there's no more room left at the mall of america. the minnesota mega mall is booked through the holiday season. it's the first time that's ever happened. help is finally reached a stranded cruise ship near the coast of mexico. >> 4500 people are on board. andy rose reports on the fire which left its boat stranded at sea. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a dream vacation is turning out to be a disaster for passengers on board the carnival cruise ship splendor. a fire on monday left the ship
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powerless. >> the fire has been put out, the vessel is safe. >> reporter: help arrived tuesday, thanks to the u.s. military. some 60,000 pounds of food, bottled water and supplies provided by carnival cruise lines. helicopters shuttled the materials from the uss ronald reagan next to the cruise ship. despite the unfortunate situation, the nearly 4500 passengers and crew members are doing okay. >> they've got water, they've got food uh, so we have no reports of any major distress from any of the passengers. >> no distress, but no air conditioning, telephones or hot food. the splendor is being towed to san diego and should arrive thursday evening. >> i don't understand why it's taking this long. i would think they would find a more convenient way or a better way to get them home safely or
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quickly. >> kind of impossible when you're stranded out there in sea, even to get another ship to you, it takes time. >> 20,000 tons? >> 4500 people, that's a lot. >> if you've been on a cruise ship, that's a big one. let's get your day planner going. >> good day for you. we'll have sunshine, much like the last couple days. >> by 9:00, 50, 51 degrees, north winds about 10 miles an hour. that'll be the case through the day. 57 or so at the noon hour. even at 5:00 p.m., 59, looking for highs in the lower 60s. where we've been the last couple days, thanks to the storm in the atlantic. not giving our weather a chance to change very much in the short-term. a couple clouds off to our east in delaware. few getting toward parts of the eastern shore, in pennsylvania. we have clear skies this
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morning. chilly readings into the 40s. easton 45. pax river, 46. off to our north and west, we have 30s. normally you're a little colder. today, 45. here's some of our chilly ones there. reston, 38. manasseh 37. college park, columbia, 44. we've got 47 degrees under clear skies. feels like 43. thanks to a north wind at 8 miles an hour. slightly more moist than yesterday. the storm in the track is spinning back here. winds coming out of the north around it. more rain going to boston today for business. grab the umbrellas. they'll have rainy conditions improving this afternoon. the storm finally starts to pull away from southeastern new
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england tonight. for us, we stay generally clear today, tonight, tomorrow. still nothing coming toward us, that storm pulling away. eventually if that storm pulls away, we'll see warmer readings work their way in just in time for your weekend. today, 66. tonight we'll be back down in the 30s and 20s. 60ish on veteran's day. good-looking day tomorrow. friday about 64. head toward the weekend, saturday, upper 60s, sunday, mid-60s. next week, upper 50s with a better chance of rain on tuesday. it is 6:18. good morning, angie. >> hello, hello, rise and shine washington. our main problems in the silver spring area. westbound university at merrimack drive. we've confirmed the accident. police are on the scene. let's take a wider view of the area. this time, move you to 66. no incidents to report on this virginia roadway. starting to slow down, building that congestion around route 8 and making your way past route
6:19 am
50 towards 123. a check on your travel times reveals the outer loop in maryland is 11 minutes and growing. southbound on 95 from 216 to the beltway, only 10 minutes. all the way down to the beltway, only about 7. am your next traffic report, coming up at 6:25. we'll have a look at the parkway. back to you. 6:19. we've all heard the excuse "my dog ate my homework." but a man is saying "my dog ate my donations" after his pup devoured more than $1200. he wakes up to find $50 on his deck. he realized his dog cosmo got into the fund-raising cash. cosmo ate all the checks and saved the cash for a rainy day.
6:20 am
>> i started digging here. i barely got below the surface and got a lot of bills and dirt. >> apparently he's planning a vacation. >> leftover bills were found when nature took its course a couple days later. cosmo's owner will replace the cash out of his own pocket. still to come: a renewed effort to get virginia school children to eat locally. the capitals visit the big apple. could they keep their winning streak alive? we'll let you know.
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6:23. grab the jacket, you're going to need them. 30s and 40s now. it'll be cool, but comfortable. low 50s by 9:00. some areas still in the 40s.
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already getting dark by 5:00 p.m. 59 degrees. mike? >> thank you, sir. 6:23. in sports, wizards go for the second win of the season. >> they host the houston rockets. in the third period last night, matt hendricks broke a 3-3 tie with the rangers. washington tops new york 5-3. the caps take on the lightning tomorrow. in baseball, the nationals will hold a fashion show tonight. the team will unveil its new uniforms. the washington post reports the gold accents will be gone and the block style nationals turn to script. camden yards is getting a bit of a facelift. the orioles announced they'll replace all the seats in the stadium. the move will cut capacity by
6:25 am
about 2300 seats. 6:24. a made for tv fire has people still fuming. angie has a quick check of time saver traffic. >> we're taking a live look at the parkway. i'm happy to report it is one smooth ride. coming up in your next traffic report at #k 30 a check on that silver spring accident. stay with us. ♪
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we're back. we have your weather first. live look at the smithsonian castle this morning. it is a bit chilly as you get started. thanks for starting your day with us. >> howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with our forecast. >> 15 minutes before sunrise. you can hear the dry leaves on the oak tree which haven't fallen off yet rustling with the light breeze this morning. as we look at the day planner, we'll be doing all right. lot of sunshine, temperatures push into the lower 60s. noon time temp well into the 50s. by 3:00, at 60. looking for a high about 62. north wind about 10 miles an hour. thanks to the storm which continues to spin in the atlantic. more rain over toward eastern massachusetts. just been an ugly week up in boston. we've been having great weather. temperatures right now, 34 in
6:30 am
cumberland. 5 easton. we sit at 47. it is 6:29. that means time saver traffic. >> no complaints to start us off this wednesday morning. we do have one accident we're keeping an eye on. university boulevard, merrimack drive. we have police on the scene. your outer loop starting to delay from new hampshire avenue towards georgia. 201 kenilworth, something to keep an eye out for as well. those are the only big tie-ups we're keeping an eye on. zoom into 270, a whole lot of volume from 109 down to 21. taking a look at 66 headed eastbound. it looks like from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, the 17-minute commute that should only take about ten minutes. to the toll road, taking about
6:31 am
16. andrea, the time is 6:45. -- for our next update. the president arrived in seoul, south korea after leaving indonesia. mr. obama will attend the g-20 condominium summit. security is very tight for this. more than 50,000 police are on patrol and dozens of protests are expected. >> hundreds pay their final respects to american university professor sue markham at a memorial service on campus. as those who new her mourn the loss, police continue to look for her killer. 9 news caught up with some of the people whose lives she touched. >> she was the faculty member that people wanted her to write
6:32 am
their letters of recommendation for graduate school. >> police arrested a teenager caught driving markham's stolen suv. he's not been charged with her murder though. the virginia department of education is getting a lot of extra money. $1.1 billion. that's money found during a government audit. it'll be divided among seven regions of the common wealth. hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent to give the national mall a makeover. kristin fisher is live to tell us what's in the works, good morning. >> good morning, well the big thing here is that this plan would just try to make the national mall a better, more beautiful place to be and one of the first things that this plan would entail, it would improve the quality of all of the grass
6:33 am
that you see uh, up and down the national mall. that's just one of many proposed changes in renovations in this plan. let's look at a few of the improvements. includes adding more paved areas for pedestrians, rebuilding sea walls and widening walkways at the tidal basin. two things that are very important during major festivals, like the cherry blossom festival in the spring. other improvements would be building more bathrooms. finally renovating spaces like union square and the reflection pools just outside the u.s. capital building. now u.s. interior secretary ken salazar signed off on this plan yesterday afternoon at a press conference outside the jefferson memorial. this is a plan that's been years in the making, described as being a blueprint for improving our nation's front yard. the big focus is on improving the mall for pedestrians.
6:34 am
it's also about protecting our nation's history and its monument. it all sounds great in theory, but what's the catch? the $600 million price tag. none of the money has been raised yet. that's going to be the big focus and big challenge for the national park service in the weeks and months to come. they're trying to solicit donations from individuals, people who are big supporters of the national mall. they'll also be reaching out to various organizations and foundations in an attempt to raise this money. so, hopefully indeed it will happen. the good news, something everybody can agree on, this should greatly improve traffic around the national mall. can't argue with that. >> that's the best news of all. here are a few facts about the national mall. it was included in the original
6:35 am
1791 plan for the city. the mcmillan commission plan renamed the mall as the open space we know today. this week is farm to school week. it's an effort across the commonwealth to get locally grown food into schools and colleges. the move helps farmers across virginia. many are struggling during these economic times. while it helps the farmers, it also helps the kids. farmers are sending a hot of the produce to promote healthy eating. >> our ultimate goal is for kids to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy foods. we feel we can offer a fresh product. we hope they'll be more likely to try those things. >> the virginia department of agriculture says the schools in the state spend more than $6 million a year on fresh produce. they want that money spent in farms in virginia. 6:35. time for another your money report. >> we all deserve a raise. >> yes, who wants a raise?
6:36 am
raise your hand. >> we may have a little more room negotiating our raises. we could have potential space next year. here are some of the findings for you. 43% of employers are concerned their top talent may leave their organizations when the economy improves. so as a result, 31% of employers say they are willing to negotiate salary increases for 2011. if you're getting a new job, here's your strategy, 51% plan to leave some negotiating room when giving first offers to employees. 21% will be willing to extend two or more offers to the same candidates. maybe we'll make it easy, all go work for google. the search engine is giving a 10% raise across the board for all 23,000 employees. the wall street journal also reports this move is to help stop the stream of people leaving google lately. this raise takes effect in january. listen up foodies, the
6:37 am
humble fast food french fry is getting gourmet. wendy's is about to shake sea salt on its fry. wendy's will unveil russett potatoes, with the skin on, sprinkled with sea salt. this year, over 1300 new sea salt products have hit the market. >> no kidding, who knew? >> last year it was bacon, this year it's sea salt. >> i had no idea. i love fresh fries anyway. >> okay, well it's an aviation mystery that has the government baffled and people talking. >> a cbs photographer in los angeles shot what looks like a missile blasting off just before sunset monday. look at the video. aviation and u.s. defense officials say that whatever the object was, it wasn't theirs. the pentagon is still investigating but say there's no
6:38 am
threat to the united states. >> basically it was a large mushroom at the uh, horizon and it kind of grew and got thinner uh, spiralling in nature and as i zoomed into the point of it, you could see what appeared to be, whatever it was, spinning like a trajectory, a bullet or a football. >> it could have been an airplane or amateur rocket. up next: howard has a check of the forecast. how much longer can the fantastic weather last? >> here's a look at what you'll see tonight on channel 9. at 8:00, survivor nicaragua followed by criminal minds. >> at 10:00, catch the new show defenders. 9 news now at 11:00. we'll be right back. my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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welcome back. good forecast. >> be a good day to have the day off, we have sunshine, comfortable temperatures once again. average highs around 59 and 60. good day for the national zoo. >> i think we'll go there. >> pack the sunscreen, this time of year, you can still get a little bit of a sunburn. when we've got the bright sunshine like we're going to have. here you go with a look at your forecast. grab your jacket. 30s and 40s out there. sunrise coming up in just about two minutes from now. that sunset will be at 4:59. this is what we're expecting today. 51 in town. few 40s in the suburbs. by noon, we're all in the 50s. upper 50s. this afternoon, topping off in the low 60s. your 5:00 p.m. temperature, partly cloudy, 59 degrees.
6:44 am
i know, the sun isn't there, it sets at 4:59. 39 culpepper. gaithersburg is 45. across junction virginia, 39 degrees this morning. 41 fredericksburg. lorain 37 degrees. national has a little bit of a breeze. making that 47 feel like 43 an our dew point currently 40. the air is moderately humidity. this time of year, bring it inside and heat it up. want to show you national temperatures, while it's cold in the rockies, look at this warmth shooting to minneapolis. they're in the 50s this morning. storm system in the middle of the country. slow to move east. behind it we have mountain snows. ahead of it, this nice warm-up. that'll be headed our way more quickly if it wasn't for the storm spinning off the new england coast. that storm's still going to be
6:45 am
here through midday. we'll have sunshine through the afternoon. tonight, clear skies. that storm still spins east, starts to pull away. as it starts to pull away, tomorrow, high pressure builds in. the winds should be fairly comfortable and then we'll see a little bit of a warm-up toward the weekend. next three dams, looking at 62 today. back in the 30s and 40s tonight. veteran's day, 60 degrees. we salute our servicemen and women. friday, 64. we're looking at sunshine and even better than that. head towards saturday, mild saturday, upper 60s. still good sunday, mid-60s. by next week, back in the 50s with the chance of rain returning. 6:45. let's get your time-saver traffic. >> we give you the view from above. live from sky 9. this is the situation we're dealing with on spring street. closed between 2nd avenue and it appears that we have a fire situation on hand. as you can see, over to the left
6:46 am
part of your screen, we do have um, some crews there trying to get this under control out in the silver spring area. we'll monitor the situation and let you know how this is impacting traffic, but right now it looks like only spring street is closed. as always, with a situation like this, they'll take away lanes as needed. let's take you to more problems we're tracking, we can move this westbound to university at merrimack drive. we have more crash activity. police on the scene out that way. we're hearing about significant delays on university boulevard because of this. drivers out this way, losing the left lane, gaining the right to get by. we have more problems, southbound at the bw parkway approaching route 50. we have a new wreck also reported. a check on your travel times reveals 295 is being impacted in the yellow here. ten minutes and growing.
6:47 am
6 # headed eastbound, fairfax county parkway to the beltway. 21-minute commute. coming up at 6:58 your top traffic stories of the morning. now back to you. 6:47. we're going to the top of the charts this morning. this morning, the top downloads on itunes. bad girl keisha. taylor swift. and one of jessica doyle's favorite songs, animal. people in one arlington neighborhood are smoking mad. >> the fire department set a home on fire for a television show, but left behind a mess. >> any saga began last month in the barcroft neighborhood. >> reporter: they did it for a network morning show as a safety
6:48 am
demonstration. >> we did for the home safety council to try and promote safety in the, in the home as far as fires, is concerned. we were doing this to try and limit the amount of uh, residential deaths resulting of fires in the residence. >> reporter: neighborhood complained they had little notice and no input and worried about what was going up in smoke and into the air. >> whatever was in the air or in the house is now gone in the air over our houses. >> reporter: the fire department said it doesn't think toxins were an issue. >> we weren't able to take a reading, the fact that everything was going straight into the air, we didn't have anything at ground level we could read. >> reporter: the fire burned for about 15 minutes. >> reporter: the burned out shell remains and neighbors have had enough of it. >> many of us have been here 20
6:49 am
years. i spent a lot of money on my house. take a great deal of pride. driving down the street and looking at this isn't a good thing to come home to. >> reporter: this website reports construction on a unique energy efficient home is expected to begin in december. but residents there don't want arlington to burn any other homes without specific plans tomorrow getting rid of the debris. up next: a check of the top stories before you head off to work or school today. good morning, once again, time for you to pick out or playoffs edition game of the week. these five games for your consideration, seneca valley taking on quincy orchard in virginia. planning to play aaa. and in the d.c. catholic league,
6:50 am
st. johns and demathus. cast your vote at the leading game will win our coverage on friday night.
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6:53. we have 47 at the airport. there are 30s out there as well this morning. jacket weather. 51 noon. 57 with sunny skies. 5:00 p.m., 58 degrees. highs today, 58 to 64. andrea and mike. 6:53. here's a check of the news before you go. president obama is in south korea this morning. mr. obama will attend the g-20 economic summit of world leaders. national mall. the $700 million plan will bring to life a new mall, damaged by so much visitors over the years. grassroots fund-raising will be
6:54 am
the first step for that. mine after a fight at the thirsty turtle led to a stabbing. a decision could be made today on the bar's future. the early show coming up in just about six minutes. >> right now, maggie rodriguez tells us what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning, mike and andrea. thousands of passengers aboard the disabled carnival cruise ship are stranded at sea for their third straight day now. we'll be speaking with a member of the coast guard to get the latest on the rescue operation. remember the florida father arrested for his angry tirade on a school bus involving his daughter? erica hill goes back to school with another erica hill. all of that and much more coming up on the early show. andrea, mike, back to you.
6:55 am
6:54 now. >> we have one more traffic and weather check when 9 news now returns.
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call or click today. welcome back. 6:58. little chilly this morning. 30s and 40s. we should make low 60s this afternoon. fine veteran's day around 60. look at the weekend, by saturday, upper 60s. sunday, mid-60s, dry monday. should be all right. rain comes in tuesday. 58. >> angie? >> go burgundy and gold. right now, brushfire, crews on the scene in silver spring area. what we're dealing with here is spring street being closed in both directions, 2nd street. don't be alarmed if you see smoke in the area. 295, headed southbound. one on the bw parkway.
6:59 am
another on dc295 benning road. another in dale city. takes away the left shoulder. jammed to the mixing bowl, mike? she's an award winning actress, comedian, game show main stay and now a park ranger. >> betty white stopped by the national park service tuesday and was given the honorary title of forest ranger. the 88-year-old used to visit parks and forests with her parents. >> as excited as i am today and as grateful as i am, i know two people who would be over the moon. my mother and dad. thank you. [applause] >> when she was a young girl, girls couldn't be park rangers, so this is great for her. >> fantastic. >> as for wall street, we're looking for jobs data this morning among a lot of other reports. right now we're looking higher. >> early show is next. i'll have more on the cruise ship and how to


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